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Top 5 CBD Pick, Fast Acting Creams, Top CBD Oils, Quick Links, Video’s and Upcoming Streams is a snapshot of our channel.

We see a lot of popup CBD shops posing as the best, but we all know that’s not possible. Here we are finding the newest from the biggest and best leaders in the CBD market. Not a 1 shot monkey or pushing a single brand, rather covering 40+ best & heavily vetted CBD companies and their best performers. The tried and proven products we sell for over 4 years.

Brand in this video and others. Sunstate Hemp, Original Hemp, Creating Better Days, Hemplucid, Kalki, Honest Paws (pet CBD), Strawberry Fields CBD & far more..

Our purpose in this video teaser is to start a destination for any to come and find a natural solution (cbd benefits) for any chronic pain, discomfort, anxiety or stress and live a happier and better life.

Thru out the years we sold and found that a nice group of products remained in our lineup despite the crazy influx of CBD products on the street. Products in our videos help serve close relatives, customers here locally and around the nation for these 4+ years now. I want you all to know a little about them all, how to find them and even give you coupon codes to try them for less.

Our channel will be uploading videos about CBD Oil Tincture type: MCT Oil, CBG Oil, CBD Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum. What the differences between each and why would you use one over the other? What tincture you take for all around, which ones help sleep, or energize you, provide relief or help with stress and pains. Talk about all the flavors they have and show you flavorless ones. Dosages you should be taking and best practices.

CBD Edible gummies are so popular and come in so many different flavors. They have ones for the day or night, ones for sleep. Gummies for anxiety, stress, menstrual pains or just to get the edge off. Gluten free gummies, kosher gummies, nutritional gummies and even vegan gummies all non-GMO certified.

Dr Formulated capsules and oils are new top market and a great way for us who are use to pills. Try something natural for once if you have a hard time falling a sleep. They make sleep capsules and same for stress, relief and even energy.

Here are some quick links for products covered in this video.

It’s Your Health: Face The FACTS!

Rather than proceeding, in a state – of – denial, and procrastinating, a wise individual, proceeds, consistently, in a well – considered, effectively planned, manner, which identifies his personal needs, issues, priorities, goals, and perceptions, in a realistic manner. After all, it’s your health, and life, so, doesn’t it make sense, to take the time, and fully consider, your realities, and, thus, face the FACTS? Many people seem to proceed, denying reality, and seeming to believe, that issues will automatically go away.

How To Minimize ACHES And Pains?

Although, everyone experiences them, from time, to time, wouldn’t it be nice, if our ACHES and pains, could be minimized, and we could use a beneficial approach, which would best serve our personal needs, consistently? Obviously, nothing, we do, with ensure, we never suffer from the everyday ailments, but, when we better understand, our personal needs, requirements, strengths, and weaknesses, we will optimize our possibilities! This must become a part of our life’s regimen, and routine, and, it is important, to consistently, listen and pay attention to our body, and what it tells us!

When To HEAL Yourself?

Although, there are many times, we need, to seek professional assistance, from a trusted health professional/ medical doctor, there are, generally, even more times, when, each of us, would, probably, be, well – served, by focusing on, and trying, to so, all we can, to HEAL yourself! How can anyone, else, do you, the most good, and serve your maximum benefit, unless, you do your part, also? Wouldn’t you agree, only, when, we take advantage of all possibilities, and alternatives, will we be able to pursue, life, to the maximum potential, on a consistent basis?

How To Have A Better FRAME Of Mind?

It’s a matter of mind over matter. If you don’t have a mind, it doesn’t matter! Who else, besides, the brilliant, unique, Groucho Marx, could state this, as succinctly, and accurately?

Why, It’s Often, A Matter Of MIND, Over Matter?

Much of life, imitates art, and the comical genius, Groucho Marx, explained, much of this, when he stated, in his unique way, It’s a matter of mind over matter, and if you don’t have a mind, it doesn’t matter! How we think, and perceive things, our personal set of values, attitude, and self – image/ beliefs, generally, is significant, in terms of, whether, we will be able to enjoy the happiest, and, usually, healthiest life! Will your MIND be your friend, or will you, be your worst enemy?

Why Your Health Requires You, To LISTEN To Your Body?

An ounce of prevention. How often have you heard someone use these, or similar words, when giving you advice, in terms of the best way to proceed? Doesn’t it make sense, if/ when, you are able to recognize, and understand, early warning signs, symptoms, etc, and take some sort of proactive steps, you will be better served, and enhance your chances, to enjoy a happier, healthier life?

5 Healthy Heart Strategies

In this nation, one of the leading health risks, is heart – related. Many people suffer from, either, high or low – blood pressure, cholesterol – related issues, heart murmurs, artery – related issues (such as hardening of arteries), etc. When one considers, the best strategies, from early – on, instead of waiting until, he is symptomatic, he is, proactively, acting, to ensure a better chance for health, and happiness.

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