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Why The Wellness Approach, Makes Sense, For Most Of Us?

In nearly, every other nation, other than the United States, the approach to health care, and medical treatment, differs, in a significant way. In this country, we use, what is often referred to, as allopathy, or a chemically – oriented, symptoms – focus approach. In most of the rest of the world, that approach, is part of the overall treatment planning, but, is, for most ailments and illnesses, not the first one used.

The Need To Improve The Typical, American DIet

Although, Americans spend more on health care, than, nearly any major, free, nation, statistics indicate, we fare, not nearly, as well as we should, in areas, such as infant mortality, life expectancy, and experiencing certain diseases. Although, many factors, are certainly, involved, and must be considered, there is, probably, a considerable relationship, between diet and overall health! The typical, American diet, is high in fat, sugars, carbohydrates, etc, and low in fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc.

The Painful Truth About Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse at any age is a deeply wounding experience and it is so common in our society, especially to females, although males do suffer too. This article speak to some of the symptoms and coping mechanisms that are adopted and talks about healing.

BRAIN Games For Better Aging

Many people are concerned, as they age, they may not be, as sharp, physically, and mentally, as they once were! While one’s overall health, and well – being, often, are major factors, in the eventual, quality of one’s approaching Golden Years, many studies indicate, how important, it is, to make your mind, work, and maintain, being busy, to reduce any probability of accelerated reduction in how one functions. Those, who use, BRAIN games, often, are best prepared, and enjoy their lives, to the fullest!

Better Health Comes From LIVING!

Have you ever noticed, while most people, obviously, want to live a healthy life, few of them, spend any time, or effort, considering, the key principles, of LIVING your life, to the fullest! You can either be limited by your expectations, or inspired and motivated, by them! Doesn’t it make sense, when we want to accomplish something, which should be important and meaningful, to each of us, we focus on worthwhile goals, and priorities, that inspire and motivate us, personally, to look forward, to enjoying every day?

Healthy Attitudes Make You The BEST, You Can Be!

Although, we all, claim, we seek a happy, healthy, life, when was the last time, you gave yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, and, considered, how, you might, proceed, consistently, with the type of, positive, can – do, attitude, so you might become, the BEST, you can be? It’s not enough, to, simply, proclaim, you will do so, or articulate a message, with certain positive words, etc, but, rather, there is a need, to proceed, with a true, focused effort, and the discipline, to help yourself. Since, there have been many studies, which demonstrate, the relationship, and correlation,…

Some Issues When Setting Up A Psychotherapy Practice

This article will explore some issues psychotherapists may wish to consider when setting up their practice, including: third party approach; emergency sessions; concessionary rates; scheduling; and availability. The answer to some of these questions may be standard, whereas for others the answer may be individual.

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