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Natural pain relief with Strawberry Fields CBD Pain Cream or Lotions.

Each made for relief in mind. CBD pain creams work great on all areas of the body your feeling pain or inflammation. After you work thru the area while applying cream in just a few minutes you should feel the edge off. Works great on knees, feet, hands, arms, legs, ribs, chest, neck and all parts of your back.

Looking for total relaxation and euphoria? Try out our massage lotion for pain and help us explain how much better you feel to others who haven’t. A lot of our buyers purchase these lotions and bring them to their local masseuses and spas, just like you store your own wax or nail polish by your local salon.

CBD Lotions are now available in 5 way and 2 sizes with out fast acting pain relief formula. Lotions available in 2oz or 4oz bottle.

Bay Laurel & Mint
Topical Eucalyptus
Jasmin & Clementine
Lemongrass & Sage


If your local in new jersey we would be happy to refer you to a certified nurse and massage therapist who already stocks our lotions with over 17 years of experience. We could also recommend well known sports & medicine group operating thru out new jersey with over 10 location you can pickup these creams or lotions.

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Maximizing Your Health: Proceed With An Open – Mind

If you hope, to have the best chances, for possessing, obtaining, and maintaining, your finest health, possible, it’s important, to proceed, with an open – mind, and a willingness, to objectively, consider, your possibilities, and opportunities/ options. Although, the United States of America, enjoys one of the strongest economies, etc, we do not, possess the best health results. Perhaps, this is due, to capitalistic greed, close – mindedness, economic priorities, or political/ personal agendas, and self – interest, most of us, would be, better – served, if we opened, our minds, and considered, as many viable alternatives, and possibilities, as…

Enhancing Our Health: The ALTERNATIVE Approach

We all have many options, when it comes to maintaining the finest aspects of our personal health. There is no simple answer, but, often, how we proceed, makes a lot of difference, when it comes to whether, we proceed, with the utmost degree of wellness, and personal health/ happiness! Having served, at one time, as the Director of Operations, for a homeopathic drug company, as well as owned and managed a natural medicine distributor, plus, written a book, on natural alternatives, for stress relief, I have come, to strongly believe, we benefit, and enhance our personal health, when we better…

Natural Ways To Reduce Personal TENSION

From time, to time, most of us, proceed, with a level of stress. and TENSION, which is quite normal, if we are prepared, but, overwhelms certain individuals. Of course, it, often depends, on the amount, level, and degree of these, but, it is generally, smarter to proceed, with a focus on handling these, in a natural, non – invasive way, than in an unfocused, way, and use drugs (legal, or otherwise), as the first course, of treatment, and attention.

Relieving Stress, Naturally

At one point or another, nearly everyone experiences some degree, and sort, of stress, tension, anxiety, etc. Often, when this becomes severe, possibly because it has been permitted to continue, unaddressed, for a significant period, someone might become dangerous, either to himself, or to others! At that point, quality treatment, by a trained mental health specialist, might be required, and, this might include strong medications, as an essential component, of the treatment plan.

Healthier Living: The Wellness Approach

The emphasis, for maintaining our health, in this country, is somewhat different, from that, in much, of the rest of the world. Our approach, which only considered, so – called, allopathic medicines, was often justified, by claiming, our system, was based on science, and more effective, proven, and safer, than the unproven alternative methods, and approaches. However, in reality, the United States, despite the relative wealth and prosperity, education, and monies expended, does not have the best statistics, in terms of the overall health, of our population!

Conventional, Versus Alternative Health Care

In the United States of America, our medical system, and the health – care orientation, focuses on what is often referred to, as conventional medicine, while the majority of the rest of the world, prioritizes wellness, and balancing, so – called, alternative medicine, with conventional ones. The essential difference is, what we use, focuses on treating symptoms, often, rather than causes, while, the other approach, emphasizes, holistic approaches, treatments, and remedies. Some of these alternatives include: homeopathic; herbal; other alternatives; acupuncture, etc.

Are You Stressed?: Consider Non – Drug Options

Each of us, at some time, or another, experience various degrees, and severity, of stress. While this is normal, our overall health, depends on how, we proceed, to handle and address it, and whether, we transform it, to eustress, as Dr. Hans Selye, former Nobel Prize winner, for his work, about stress, or permit it, to, merely, eat – away, at us.

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