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Assuming you finally weeded out the fakes and found the best tried and proven CBD oil tinctures. What are my options? There are quite a few types to list aside from just the flavor or flavorless and what milligrams.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (has terpenes for additional benefits)
Full Spectrum CBD Oil (has terpenes & allowed amount of THC for Maximum benefits)
MCT Oil (gets quickly absorbed into your system almost instant energy)
CBG & CBD Oil (mother of all oil and the most powerful, also great for sleep!)

What are the differences and advantages of each and which ones have less than the legal amount of THC to get the most natural benefits?
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The ART Of Living Healthy

Enjoying a truly, happy, healthy life, requires understanding, and taking advantage of, the ART, and science, of living, healthy! This means, avoiding, any search, for any shortcuts, instead of committing to a combination of the discipline, mindset, focus, and emphasis, on finding personal, peace – of – mind, and. hopefully, living a happy life!

Why Being HAPPY, Enhances Your Health?

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life. The focus of these words, should tell us, to focus on our personal happiness, and well – being, rather than merely, accepting what is! We should understand, and recognize, until/ unless, one proceeds, with his own personal, best interests, in mind, and, realizing, in most cases, when we are happier, we enhance our potential, overall health!

Is Your MIND, Your Friend?

One can either, be his own, best friend, or worst enemy, often, because of his perceptions, attitude, beliefs, actions, and comfort zone! Is your MIND, your friend, or foe? Are you, ready, willing, and able, to expand the self – imposed, restrictions of your comfort zone, so, you become happier, healthier, more content, and focused on addressing the finest priorities?

Why, You’ll GROW, As A Person, When You’re Happier?

When, we aren’t happy, with any aspect, or multiple aspects, of our lives, we’re, generally, challenged, to become, the best, we might possibly, become! Since, life, itself, as well as us, as individuals, constantly evolve (or should, and need to), unless/ until, we proceed, in a way, which helps us GROW, most will never be as happy, as possible! Without seeking happiness, and proceeding with a positive, can – do, attitude, instead of making a significant difference, for the better, meaningful, self – growth, becomes, nearly impossible!

HEAL What Harms You!

Unless/ until, you are ready, willing, and able, to proceed, in an introspective, objective manner, you will be challenged, to become, the best, you might, possibly, become! Physicians are directed, to, Do no harm, and, most of us, would benefit, by using the same type of mindset! Unfortunately, too often, we become, our own, worst enemy, and, although, we often, realize this, are either, not, ready, or prepared, to proceed, in their own, best interests!

Reducing Personal Stress: Relax, And Be, Less TENSE!

Dr. Hans Selye, several decades ago, recieved the Nobel Prize, for his work, in the area of human stress. He determined, there are 2 forms, useful stresses, as opposed to, what he referred to, as distress, or the harmful, debilitating form.

How Health And Happiness, Make Us STRONG?

Most people state, they want to live, the happiest, healthiest life, possible! However, in the vast number of instances, we do little, proactively, to help ourselves, get stronger, etc! Enhancing our personal health, requires a balance between understanding and seeking happiness, and personal fulfillment, and, a willingness, to take steps, to do something about it!

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