CBD OIL – Interview with a Therapist

I had the privilege of interviewing Mental Health Therapist Tara Nichols about the new, organic, THC-free CBD oil coming soon to Young Living. We discuss the differences between marijuana and hemp, the importance of quality sourcing, and more.

Young Living’s THC-free, organic CBD oil is coming soon! Stay tuned for release date. In the meantime, check out their other premium quality essential oils, health supplements, and non-toxic, plant-based home & body products:

The Healing Power of Amethyst

The purple Amethyst is legendary for its grand ability to stimulate, soothe, and inspire! It’s sometimes called the “All Healer” stone as you can use Amethyst for physical healing of the nervous, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune & respiratory systems. Emotional healing, curing of nightmares & insomnia, spiritual healing, and also to heal, harmonize, and stimulate the Crown and Third Eye Chakra, are even more reasons why people migrate to this particular powerhouse of a crystal.

Improve Digestion Through Ayurvedic Practices

So, basically, your main focus should be to strengthen the Agni and improve digestion. This helps in uplifting the emotional and physical well-being of people. Simply elimination of certain foods does not help in alleviating the issue completely. Rather, Ayurveda says, you must make an effort of bringing back those foods in your life in future through constant efforts of strengthening the digestive tract. This obviously does not indicate that you must gorge on unhealthy food all the time. There must always be a balance in your eating habits. For the herbal cure for IBS, sam deepan is a 100% natural process that heals the system from the roots.

The Magical Mushroom

Among thousands of mushroom species, only a few have been used and studied. Several FDA-approved prescription drugs that are derived from mushrooms are being tested for possible medical use. It is time to go back to the earth for the natural healing and strengthening that fungus may offer.

15 Reasons To Drink Green Smoothies

Green smoothies have become so popular lately. After making them for nearly a decade, I can certainly vouch for the reasons behind their popularity. While it hasn’t always been easy to get my kids to eat other healthy meals, the same can’t be said for green smoothies. Besides tasting amazing, they come with the added bonus of packing some equally amazing health benefits.

Chronic Bloating And Gas – A Case For SIBO

In our practice, we see a lot of patients that are struggling with chronic digestive symptoms. They complain of symptoms ranging from indigestion to bloating and constipation.

Three Ayurveda Whole Plant Based Foods For Kids Snacks For The Plane

Junk food which is another way of saying plane food is empty calories and no nutritional values. Now sometimes I guess that will do but on an eleven hour flight nutritional snacks that induce relaxation and even sleep would be a God-send. Nutritional research has identified three foods that Ayurveda has used for centuries for inducing relaxation and sleep. Learn more here.

Understanding Functional Blood Chemistry

In our Longmont and Denver, Colorado offices we are often asked how and why functional blood chemistry differs from more traditional readings of blood tests. The easiest answer relies on the examination of reference ranges (what is considered low, high or normal) and viewing this information through the lense of evidence-based research that helps us parse this data. When a patient comes in with a complaint that could be considered more of a “metabolic complaint,” we like to analyze lab work to get an entire picture of what could be going…

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